Leverage Remote Video Conferencing for Cost-Effective Digital Depositions


Today’s legal professionals now have more video conferencing capabilities than ever at their disposal. Traditional video conferencing, which allows participants to attend a deposition from multiple locations that offer video conferencing facilities is commonly used in the legal profession. But remote, Internet-based video conferencing has taken the convenience factor to the next level, and as a result, is increasingly being used by law firms of all sizes.

Remote video conferencing technology has come a long way in a short time, making it a viable, cost-effective tool for law firms to conduct video depositions, video wills, video testimony, consulting and more. Remote video conferencing delivers powerful benefits:

  • More Cost-Effective Remote Depositions – Internet-based video conferencing offers a convenient way to depose witnesses in other locations without the added staff time and costs related to traveling to the deponent’s location.
  • Convenience – Witnesses also find remote video depositions more convenient, since they are not required to leave their home or office.
  • Rapport-Building Attorney/Client Meetings – Remote video conferencing can be a very effective way to maintain client relationships when you cannot meet in person. For one interesting perspective, read this blog post by attorney Jack Hauser of law firm Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal, P.C.

All of these benefits create a sense of efficiency and responsiveness in handling clients’ legal matters.

How Remote Video Conferencing Works

Remote video interviews are created using the same basic technology for video chatting via the Internet:

  • Webcam connected to a PC, Mac or mobile computer or smartphone
  • Phone line
  • Internet access
  • Internet-based third party video conferencing software

Internet-based video software is pretty easy to set up and use, but it may not even be necessary because many court reporting firms now offer remote video conferencing http://www.deposition.com/virtual-depositions.htmcapabilities as part of their services.

Practical Tips

Video conferencing solutions range from high-end installations that cost tens of thousands of dollars to low-cost Internet solutions. As Steven Levy, a legal project management expert and founder of consulting firm Lexician, noted in a Legal Talk Network interview, high-end video conferencing capabilities may be preferred for certain situations such as high-profile negotiations, but Internet-based video conferencing is a viable option for general depositions and many other situations.


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